Our first date was at the ‘pictures’ on 19 September 1965 to see Lucky Jim. We must have hit it off because we will be celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary at Easter.

George Whitelock (La Scala, 1965)
  • 1966

    Irene Shedden


    In 1966, I worked as an ice cream girl in the Odeon Cinema in Renfrew St. The trays were very heavy when full and we had to walk backwards down the isle without lights on so that the audience could see us.

  • 1960s

    Fiona Turner

    La Scala

    I remember going to La Scala in Sauchiehall St. in the late 60s with my boyfriend and we always paid extra for the Golden Divans which were small couches for just 2! It was very romantic!

  • 1960s

    Myra Stevenson


    Saturday matinee many, many years ago at Rio on Maryhill Road. I watched Zulu – was so long I fell asleep and kicked off my shoes. Lost them and had to go home in socks. But I still love the film!

  • 1960s

    Fiona Campbell


    My Mum was an usherette in the 60s/70s at the Cosmo. I remember being taken in to see Fantasia a few times and running down the aisle in the dark to meet her at the end of her shift. Remember the cinemas...

  • 1964

    Gavin Lawson

    Mosspark Picture House

    I remember going to the Mosspark Picture House with my Mum and Dad to see Whatever Happened to Baby Jane in 1964. The manager at the door asked my Dad what age I was, he replied 15...

  • 1960

    Peter Griffin


    Circa 1960 the cinema was due to show The Mummy. To promote it the manager dressed up as a mummy and walked around the surrounding streets. When the film finally came to the cinemas he would sometimes take the place...

  • 1954-64

    Heather MacLaren

    The Salon/Cosmo/Ascot Anniesland

    Hillhead Salon? Can't remember the picture but do remember having first ever beefburger in Hyndland Road on way home in Cafe run by American woman! Fabulous. Ascot Anniesland - ABC Minors on Saturday mornings. What fun. Cosmo - first date.

  • 1966

    John McKenna


    Excitement and wonder at cinema's first whole screen in Eglinton Street cinema when I was 10 (now 56). Marveled at How the West was Won on Glasgow's then largest screen.

  • 1965

    May Miles Thomas

    Lorne Cinema

    As a six-year-old I saw Help! starring The Beatles and almost got thrown out by the manager for screaming!

  • 1960

    George Denholm

    The Cosmo

    Our first date was Jazz on a Summer's Day on 9 July 1960. Unforgettable. Fifty two years later we still go to the GFT, but the Cosmo sounds better!