Our first date was at the ‘pictures’ on 19 September 1965 to see Lucky Jim. We must have hit it off because we will be celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary at Easter.

George Whitelock (La Scala, 1965)
  • 1942

    Catherine Brown

    The Parade

    One of my memories at the cinema is when we went to see Bambi, myself and my three children, at the Parade Cinema some time ago. I had to wait till everyone left as my makeup had ran down my face when Bambi’s Mum died.

  • 1973

    Mark Fletcher

    The Parade

    Trips to the Saturday Matinee at the Parade Cinema in the East End of Glasgow were like entering the cinema scene in Gremlins. Innocently my brothers and I found a completely empty row in the stalls to watch...