Our first date was at the ‘pictures’ on 19 September 1965 to see Lucky Jim. We must have hit it off because we will be celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary at Easter.

George Whitelock (La Scala, 1965)
  • 1960

    Peter Griffin


    Circa 1960 the cinema was due to show The Mummy. To promote it the manager dressed up as a mummy and walked around the surrounding streets. When the film finally came to the cinemas he would sometimes take the place...

  • 1964

    Gavin Lawson

    Mosspark Picture House

    I remember going to the Mosspark Picture House with my Mum and Dad to see Whatever Happened to Baby Jane in 1964. The manager at the door asked my Dad what age I was, he replied 15...

  • Elizabeth Wallace


    I remember going to the Olympia Cinema at Bridgeton Cross every Saturday morning to the ABC minors. It was birthday admission and the hall would be packed. You got a present if it was your birthday and you got up on the stage...

  • 1950s

    John Miller

    The Paragon

    As well as showing ‘pictures’, The Paragon once had a cowboy and his horse visit. It was the mid-fifties. The children were so excited and created so much noise that the horse reared up, the ‘cowboy’ fell off...

  • Linda McDowell

    Blythswood & Seamore

    Many happy childhood memories of cinema growing up in Maryhill. Cinema gave me a love of films but also an introduction to perfume via the perfume machine in the ladies toilet. I think it was a half penny for a spray...

  • Mary Ferns


    I used to go to the Odeon in Rutherglen on Saturday mornings. It was packed with kids. We sang the Odeon club song to a bouncing ball on the screen showing the words. There was always a serial cliffhanger. I loved Laurel & Hardy...

  • 1980s

    Alex Calletly


    My Grandpa told me about how him and his pals used to pay for one ticket at the cinema in Muirend; one of them would go in and let the others in through the fire exit. Years later, my parents who had only started dating...

  • 1960s

    Fiona Campbell


    My Mum was an usherette in the 60s/70s at the Cosmo. I remember being taken in to see Fantasia a few times and running down the aisle in the dark to meet her at the end of her shift. Remember the cinemas...

  • 1942

    Freda Culter


    In 1942 I was asked on a first date, with a young medical student. I was 16! He took me to the Cosmo – and I was introduced to the magic of the foreign films. We got married in 1945 and had 54 years together...

  • 1952

    Kathleen Keenan


    Mum and Dad put my sister and me into the cinema at Possilpark to see Songs of Bernadette while they went to town. We stayed in to see it again and Dad had to come down the aisles with the usherette shining a torch...