Our first date was at the ‘pictures’ on 19 September 1965 to see Lucky Jim. We must have hit it off because we will be celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary at Easter.

George Whitelock (La Scala, 1965)
  • 1977



    I remember aged 10, my mother going to take me to see Star Wars in 1977 , stupidly she allowed my 3 year old sister to come along too .. my sister spent the entire movie either crying, or asking "who is he" .... or going to the toilet ..

  • 1999

    Gail Orr


    When you stop and think there are lots. One of mine was seeing myself on the big screen. A film was made to promote Cumbernauld and part of it was in the library.

  • 1968

    Mark Fletcher

    The Regent

    My Gran taking me to see Planet of the Apes

  • 1960

    George Denholm

    The Cosmo

    Our first date was Jazz on a Summer's Day on 9 July 1960. Unforgettable. Fifty two years later we still go to the GFT, but the Cosmo sounds better!

  • 1950s

    Rae Duncan


    My father was deaf and therefore preferred foreign films with subtitles. When I was very young, still only a wee girl in fact, I used to accompany him.

  • 2011

    Dr Anne Greig


    The Angels’ Share – It was a gathering of Argyll and Bute psychologists who meet the needs of the area’s neediest children.

  • 2000s

    Thomas Clark

    The brief period of unemployment where I was able to go to the cinema during the day.

  • 2000s

    Thomas Clark


    My fondest memories of the GFT in particular are of a pre-film speaker at a screening of The Wicker Man...

  • 1953

    Ailsa Ferguson


    Going to see Wizard of Oz with five year old friend, Jean, and her mum in 1953. Loved it! Hooked on cinema ever since!

  • 1998

    Angela Higgins


    I went to see Saving Private Ryan at the Odeon Glasgow when it was released. It was mobbed and the only seats were second row. That numbing experience of the opening sequences of the landings had an incredible impact.