Our first date was at the ‘pictures’ on 19 September 1965 to see Lucky Jim. We must have hit it off because we will be celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary at Easter.

George Whitelock (La Scala, 1965)
  • 1960s


    The Cosmo

    Since Hamish and I arrived in Glasgow in 1960, Cosmo and GFT played a big part in our lives. Both keen cinema goers, him in London in the 1930s, me in Paris in the 1930s early 40s, we found there a marvellous...

  • 1980s



    In the early '80's Friday night was visit Auntie Jean night. Rain hail or shine (yeah, mostly rain) me and mumsies would walk doon Byres Road and get the tube to visit our elderly Govanite relative. One particular..

  • 1967-8

    John Lafferty

    The Cosmo

    Back in the mid-sixties my friend Frank and I would go to one of the several cinemas in Paisley on Sunday evenings to watch the weekly diet of Hammer horrors, but our other special pleasure was our Saturday...

  • 1995

    Joanne Black


    My first Glasgow Cinema memory was, at age eighteen, seeing Charles Laughton's Night of the Hunter as part of my university course at Strathclyde. The a cappella 'duel' between the old lady and Mitchum's preacher...

  • 2006

    Jamie Price

    Cineworld Parkhead

    Went to see The Departed with my father, it was an amazing experience. One of my favorite memories and my first time seeing a Scorsese film on the big screen. Film was superb and riveting. Soundtrack...

  • 1950s-60s

    Anna Shepherd


    Two films stand out in my memory. The Seventh Veil shown at a cinema off Pollokshaws Road and The Great Caruso with Mario Lanza. I was taken to it by my granny.

  • 1960

    Ian Wallace

    Mosspark Picture House

    1960s afternoon trips to Mosspark Picture House, at the Halfway, Paisley Road West. Grandma knew the manager, so I was smartly marched past the queue of other kids (to my embarrassment), right to the ticket kiosk...

  • 1962

    Alan Fraser


    My earliest movie memory is queuing in the snow at the Vogue in Riddrie to see Cliff and the Shadows in Summer Holiday. Bruce Welch who wrote the title song became a dear friend and still gets the royalties.

  • 2009

    Bill Bartke


    I remember standing behind an old couple at the GFT who must have been in their 80s waiting to buy tickets for Werner Herzog's stunning documentary Encounters at the End of the World and a smile crossed my face...

  • 1991



    I recall attending a screening of Alien 3 at the Odeon on Renfield St sometime back in 1992, the whole auditorium was quietly watching the movie until a scene where the main character oversees the autopsy of an 8 year old girl...