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  • Abcregal june05 listing

    ABC Regal

    The Regal was the Scottish flagship for ABC Cinemas, and has a varied history of entertainment use dating back to 1875.

  • Cta arcadia listing


    Opening on Hogmanay 1930, the Arcadia was a plain building, inside and out, despite being designed by stylish architect William Beresford Inglis.

  • Cta argyle newext listing

    Argyle Cinema

    A roller-skating rink was converted into a cinema here in 1910, and was so successful it was dramatically rebuilt in art deco style inside and out in the 1930s.

  • Blackcat1 listing

    Black Cat Picture House

    The Black Cat is most famous as being used as TV studios from the 1950s - it was here that the Andy Stewart’s White Heather Club was often filmed!

  • Botanic Gardens Cinema

    A cinema planned for the corner of Observatory Road and Byres Road was never built because of opposition from local people who considered there were quite enough cinemas nearby already!

  • Bridgeton Cross Electric

    No known photos exist of this small cinema - can you help? Do you have a photo that features it?

  • Panop 250809 trust listing

    Britannia Panopticon

    Famous as the site of Stan Laurel's stage debut, the Panopticon is the oldest music hall in the UK, and one of the most interesting cinemas as well.

  • Cc 17 fast furious 6 robert orr listing


    Fast and Furious 6 (director Justin Lin, 2013)

  • Cc 8 buchanan street  guy phenix listing

    Buchanan Street

    Carla's Song (director Ken Loach, 1996)

  • Cadogan Street

    Fast and Furious 6 (director Justin Lin, 2013)

  • Glasgow calder 1980 cd listing


    Built literally back-to-back with the Govanhill Picture House, the Calder had an unusual Spanish-style red pantiled roof.

  • Cta camphill listing


    This very early cinema opened in 1911, and could seat over 800 people.

  • Cc 18 gorky park siobhan harvey listing

    Carlton Suspension Bridge

    Gorky Park (director Michael Apted, 1983)

  • Cca listing


    One of Glasgow's most modern cinema venues, the cinema in the Centre for Contemporary Arts opened on the 25th October 2001.

  • West 1 that sinking feeling lewis smith listing

    Cedar Court

    That Sinking Feeling (director Bill Forsyth, 1980)

  • Celtic Park

    Under the Skin (director Jonathan Glazer, 2013)

  • Charingx2 listing

    Charing Cross Electric

    One of Glasgow's oldest cinemas, the Charing Cross Electric Theatre opened in May 1910, and proved so popular its 450 seats soon proved too small.

  • Cineworld forge listing

    Cineworld Parkhead Forge

    Glasgow’s first modern multiplex cinema, this opened as the Cannon in 1989 with 7 screens.

  • Cineworld 06 1 listing

    Cineworld Renfrew Street

    Built on the site of Green's Playhouse, the Cineworld is itself a record-breaking cinema, holding a Guinness World Record as the World's Tallest Cinema.

  • Cc 16 comfort and joy lewis smith listing

    Clydeside, near the Kingston Bridge

    Comfort & Joy (director Bill Forsyth, 1984)

  • Cc 2 kick alex arthur listing

    Cochrane Street

    Kick (director Sajid Nadiadwala, 2014) World War Z (director Marc Foster, 2012)

  • Colloseum jamaicast 1993 nm listing


    Part of a department store, the Colosseum Warehouse exhibited Edison's Kinetoscope - a peep-show like precursor to cinema - in 1895.

  • Crosshill1 listing


    The low narrow shop building next to Queen's Park Station was once the Crosshill Picture House - look out for the name of the architect - Joseph Boyd - on the side wall!

  • West 4 crosslands marj c listing

    Crosslands Pub

    Trainspotting (director Danny Boyle, 1996)

  • Douglas Street

    Cloud Atlas (director Wachowski/Tykwer, 2012)

  • Cta embassy listing


    Built for showman Harry Wincour, the Embassy was officially opened by showbiz royalty Harry Lauder on the 3rd of February 1936.

  • Gaumont listing

    Gaumont (The Picture House)

    The Picture House was one of Glasgow's earliest and grandest cinemas, featuring a palm court foyer complete with fountain, cages of singing birds, and an interior designed by famous Glasgow decorators Guthrie & Wells.

  • George sq listing

    George Square

    World War Z (director Marc Foster, 2012) Yeh Hai Jalwa (director David Dhawan, 2002)

  • G12 2005 listing

    Gilmorehill G12

    The former church was refurbished in 1997 as home to Glasgow University Film, TV and Theatre Studies Department, with offices, theatre, a small cinema, cafe and rehearsal space.

  • City chambers listing

    Glasgow City Chambers

    Heavenly Pursuits (director Charles Gormley, 1986) Doomsday (director Neil Marshall, 2008)

  • Gft exterior   neil thomas douglas listing

    Glasgow Film Theatre (The Cosmo)

    Designed from the outset as an arthouse cinema, The Cosmo was the last cinema to open in the city centre before the outbreak of the Second World War.

  • East 1 wilbur lewis smith listing

    Glasgow Necropolis

    Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself (director Lone Sherfig, 2002

  • Govanhillpp2 listing

    Govanhill Picture House

    A rare example of an Egyptian-themed cinema - with the tiled frontage featuring lotus columns, gleaming copper domes and even a tiled scarab above the entrance.

  • Grandcentral 2009 listing

    Grand Central

    Converted from a warehouse, this started life as an upmarket cinema with its own orchestra, but ended up infamous for showing more 'adult' fare as the Classic Grand.

  • Glasgow playhouse 1980 cd listing

    Green's Playhouse

    The largest cinema ever built in Europe, created here in Glasgow as a silent cinema built for a small family firm. That's ambition!

  • Grosvenor listing


    Glasgow's oldest working cinema - dating from 1921 - was once entered directly from busy Byres Road, and not the then quiet Ashton Lane.

  • Hampdenph 05 01 listing


    The Hampden opened in 1920, and was described as having 'bug-resistant, leather tip-up seats.'

  • Salon s2 listing

    Hillhead Picture Salon

    A unique and stylish former cinema, the Salon is A-listed for its architectural importance, because it is mainly constructed of reinforced concrete!

  • West 3 trainspotting 1 lewis smith listing

    Jaconelli's Cafe

    Trainspotting (director Danny Boyle, 1996)

  • East 2 ratcatcher lewis smith listing

    JAS D. Galloway Tyre Distributors

    Ratcatcher (director Lynne Ramsay, 1999)

  • West 9 the girl in the picture alasdair watson listing

    John Hendry Photography

    The Girl in the Picture (director Cary Parker, 1986)

  • West 6 kelvinbridge stuart chalmers listing

    Kelvinbridge Subway Station

    The House of Mirth (director Terrence Davies, 2000)

  • West 5 unleashed alasdair watson listing

    Kibble Palace, Botanic Gardens

    Unleashed (director Louis Letterier, 2005)

  • Kings picture theatre listing

    King's Cinema

    Constructed as a drill hall (complete with flat floor), then later turned into a skating rink, the King's opened as a cinema in 1910 and was later visited by Laurel and Hardy, amongst other stars.

  • Kingsway1 listing


    Designed by James McKissack - same architect as the GFT - the Kingsway had an unusual curving façade in a spanish-american style.

  • Langhamhall fw listing

    Langham Hall Pictures

    This short-lived cinema was based in an existing hall. It opened in 1912 with the magnificent title of Glass's Glorious and Bright Pictures.

  • Scala listing

    La Scala

    Run by Inverness-based Caledonian Associated Cinemas, the La Scala was their Glasgow flagship - and was featured in Country Life because of its unusual tea room, that let you watch a film while dining!

  • London road listing

    London Road Picture Palace

    This unassuming building, originally an engine works, was converted into a basic cinema with wooden benches on a flat floor and could hold 700 people.

  • Cta mayfair listing


    Although this cinema is long demolished, some stained glass windows from it - featuring its name, the Mayfair, can be seen on display at the Riverside Museum.

  • Cc 1 perfect sense lewis smith listing

    Merchant City

    Perfect Sense (director David Mackenzie, 2011)

  • Cc 12 the big tease lewis smith listing

    Mister Singh's India

    The Big Tease (director Kevin Allen, 1999)

  • West 2 a sense of freedom lewis smith listing

    Napiershall Street

    A Sense of Freedom (director John Mackenzie, 1981)

  • Fw savoy 1 listing

    New Savoy

    The car entrance to the Savoy Centre marks the spot of the inspiration for the name - the Savoy Theatre opened here in 1911.

  • Odeon Partick

    Plans were well advanced for the huge, stunning Odeon Partick, at the corner of Keith Street and Dumbarton Road. Sadly the Second World War broke out, and it was never built!

  • 5776623794 82324cb324 o listing

    Olympia Theatre

    Built as a variety theatre by Frank Matcham (same architect as the King's Theatre), the Olympia spent most of its life as a cinema, making it a fitting home today for the first BFI Mediatheque outside of London.

  • Orient jan1975 cd listing


    The aptly named Orient had an small corner entrance, leading to an enormous fairy-tale interior, where over 2,500 people could watch a film surrounded by fake plaster buildings, turrets, and flags.

  • Paramount listing

    Paramount (Odeon)

    A real American-style Picture Palace, the Paramount – owned by Paramount Pictures – opened on Hogmanay 1934. It only became an Odeon when Paramount sold off all its UK cinemas when it was worried about imminent Nazi invasion in 1940!

  • Partick listing

    Partick Picture House

    This unusually designed cinema featured greek masks above the doorway, and a unicorn's head on the façade!

  • East 4 ae fond kiss lewis smith listing

    People's Palace & Winter Garden

    Ae Fond Kiss (director Ken Loach, 2004)

  • 1914 ext listing

    Pringle's Bijou

    The small Alexander Assembly Rooms - on the first floor above a pub - became Pringle's Bijou Picture Palace. Seating over 700 people with only one entrance, it was closed in 1929 because of fire safety concerns.

  • Rosevale dec05 1 listing


    A perfect example of a 'back-court' cinema - a tiny entrance through a shop unit in a tenement leads to an enormous auditorium hidden behind in what would otherwise be drying greens for the flats surrounding it!

  • East 3 death watch lewis smith listing

    Royal Infirmary

    Death Watch (La Mort En Direct) (director Bertrand Tavernier, 1980)

  • Salon s2 listing


    The modern plain shop front is unrecognisable as the Salon, once covered in coloured mosaic tiles to create a Moorish castle on Sauchiehall Street!

  • Glasgow scottselectric cd listing

    Scott's Annfield Electric

    The former Annfield Halls were converted into a cinema in 1909 by George Urie Scott.

  • Cc 10 the big man lewis smith listing

    Scott Street

    The Big Man (aka Crossing the Line) (director David Leland, 1990)

  • Shettleston Road

    The Angels' Share (director Ken Loach, 2012)

  • Glasgow star 1 listing

    Star Music Hall

    This long-lived building was only a full time cinema for a few short years from 1907 to around 1914, when it was known as Pringle's Picture Palace.

  • Star 2005 listing

    Star Palace

    This building, with a long history of entertainment use, was only briefly a cinema from 1910 to 1925, and is better remembered now as the F&F Ballroom.

  • Stenoch new listing

    St Enoch Picture Palace

    Another warehouse conversion, this cinema started life as a variety theatre called 'Crouche's Theatre of Varieties' in 1881.

  • Cc 13 postmortem lewis smith listing

    St Vincent Street Church

    Postmortem (director Albert Pyun, 1998)

  • Cc 9 house of mirth guy phenix listing

    Theatre Royal

    The House of Mirth (director Terrence Davies, 2000)

  • East 5 american cousins lewis smith listing

    The Barras

    American Cousins, Don Coutts, 2003

  • Cc 11 late night shopping lewis smith listing

    The Variety Bar

    Late Night Shopping (director Saul Metzstein, 2001)

  • Glasgow tivoli 1980 cd listing


    This enormous cinema featured glass-covered waiting areas at the front to let patrons shelter from the Glasgow weather while they waited for seats inside!

  • Tonic listing

    Tonic (Queen's)

    Almost unrecognisable today, the pub here was once a small cinema, nicknamed the Catacombs because of its auditorium, partly underneath the surrounding tenements.

  • West 7 pyaar alasdair watson listing

    University of Glasgow

    Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat (The Three Ways of Love) (director Rajiv Rai, 2001)

  • West 8 trainspotting 2 phantom of the flicks listing

    Volcano / The Three Judges

    Trainspotting (director Danny Boyle, 1996)

  • Waverley tusk1 listing


    Opened Christmas Day 1922, this grand cinema hasn't shown films since 1973 — but plans are afoot to bring cinema back to the south side in the near future…

  • Cta western listing

    Western (Garrick)

    A small cinema of around 900 seats, right next to the Star Palace, the Garrick survived until the late 1960s, renamed the Western.

  • Elephant listing

    White Elephant

    The odd name of this cinema was the result of a public competition held by owner AE Pickard - of "London, Paris, Moscow and Bannockburn."

  • Whitevale Theatre

    An old music hall, the Green family ran a cinema here, although no photos are known to exist of it.